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  • Kyoto Ryokan Gion Sano is Japanese-style hotel, situated just 12 minutes walk from Kiyomizu Dera temple and 3 minutes walk from Yasaka Shrine. Kyoto Ryokan Gion Sano is located close to numerous shrines and temples making it the perfect spot to base sightseeing around Gion and Higashiyama ( eastern hills of Kyoto ) district of Kyoto. Gion is originally developed in the Middle Ages, in front of Yasaka Shrine and well-known Maiko and Geisha districts in all of Japan.
  • Kyoto Ryokan Gion Sano welcomes you with the warm hospitality.
  • [ Necessary time to sightseeing spot from Kyoto Ryokan Gion Sano ]
    Yasaka Shrine : 3 minutes on foot / Maruyama Park : 3 minutes on foot / Yasaka Tower : 4 minutes on foot / Kodaiji temple : 5 minutes on foot / Kenninji temple : 8 minutes on foot / Kiyomizu Dera temple : 12 minutes on foot / Shijyo-kawara-machi : 15 minutes on foot / Shinkyougoku Shyotengai commercial avenue : 16 minutes on foot / Nishiki Ichiba Marketplace : 17 minutes on foot

  • Guest Review Awards 2017/Kyoto Ryokan Gion Sano
  • We won the Guest Review Awards 2017.

  • Maiko performance is irregular, but we are holding it (Approximately 8:30 pm to 9:00 pm). Our guests can watch a dance of Maiko and take pictures with her.

  • Kawayuka (Noryo Yuka on Kamo River) May 1 - Sept. 30
    In Kyoto, a type of restaurant balcony overlooking Kamo river, called 'kawayuka' Basically, the breeze-enjoying floor is mainly for enjoying the cool evenings; but in May or September, one can also enjoy the coolness of the daytime as well.
    Japanese web site : kawayuka/Kyoto Ryokan Gion Sano
    kawayuka/Kyoto Ryokan Gion Sano
  • Aoi Festival May 15 (Mon.)
    Kyoto Imperial Palace (start: 10:30) - Shimogamo Shrine (arrival: 11:40, start: 14:20) - Kamigamo Shrine (arrival: 15:30) *Postponed in case of rain.
    *Indicated times are when the head of the procession arrive at the place.
    *It takes about 1 hour for the entire procession pass one location.
    Web site:Kamigamo-jinja, Shimogamo-jinja
  • Kobo Market On the 21st of every month
    To-ji Temple
    There is an antique market held on the To-ji temple grounds, affectionately called "Kobo market" or "Kobo-san."
    Web site:

    to-ji/Kyoto Ryokan Gion Sano
  • Temjin Market On the 25st of every month
    Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine
    On the 25st of every month a "Temjin Market" is opened in honor of Michizane Sugawara, and it has the atmosphere of a shrine festival.
    Web site:

    to-ji/Kyoto Ryokan Gion Sano

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  • Kyoto Ryokan Gion Sano
    504 Washio-cho, Gion-shimogawara, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-city 605-0072
    TEL : +81-75-561-0206 FAX : +81-75-561-7876
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